With understanding your goals, overall look and business approach we tailor your editing to be customized just for you and YOUR look.

You have heard it before. BURNOUT. It is real. Give yourself the chance to regain your balance between work and your life outside of the camera.


Explore the Editing options


Focus on the bigger picture. Connecting to clients you want to photograph and create those relationships with them and even those in the industry. With the extra time you have that chance to foster those relationships.

Let's face it. When you leave a session or even a wedding you often dread what is next. Editing. Don't dread your job anymore. That is the great thing about being in business for yourself. The stress can be lower!


it's time to grow your brand AND take your time back

You just saw their faces for 9 hours and you don't want to see them again for 9 more. Send it over. - Just making sure you've read this far.

extra time to market

With having time management you are able to avoid the burnout of business and balance between work and private life. 


You want a better experience for your client. Imagine a wedding being delivered one week after you photographed it. 

5-7 day turn around time


investment: inquire to find out more

schedule your weddings in advance for up to a year!

up to 5 business day turn around time

send over more images per gallery & additional sessions at a discounted rate 

6 wedding catalog edits with 700 images 

This is a great buy! Less than .23 cents an image including the availability to schedule your weddings up to a year in advance. Plus the option to send over your galleries at anytime with less than a week turn around time!

The Bundle

investment:      .35 per image

schedule in advance - Culling available

Crop / straighten (per request)

•Coloring • Lens correction
• Highlights - shadows • Contrast

up to 7-8 business day turn around time 

Do you have a few galleries to send out before the busy season? This option is great for you!

Per Gallery Option


schedule your culling in advance

option to only cull or edit/cull combo

1 business day rush fee - 100% rush fee

culling - .5 cents per image in gallery

From full service of culling the entire gallery and editing to next day turn around time. We have you covered!

Extra Services

The edits will be custom to YOUR work and tailored to your color palette and editing preferences


• Temperature - tint
• Exposure
• Coloring
• Lens correction
• Highlights - shadows
• Contrast

1. Internet connection
2. Lightroom Classic CC
3. Dropbox
4. Willingness to have a new friend take a load off of you

With working one on one with you and setting up your look I request you favorite images in a folder. I will use these to base the edits off of and anchor your work with us to match you brand seamlessly.

If you are in the process of changing your style. That is no problem! We can together create the look you want.

If you have your favorite presets or custom presets based on your editing preferences you can send those over with your first order.

In Lightroom Classic CC you will select ALL of the images you are sending to me and export them as a Lightroom Catalog.

With using the smart previews feature upon your export you will be sending over a copy of your images.  you’ll select all the images you’re sending to me and export them as a catalog in Lightroom. I’m able to edit remotely without having a single RAW file transferred between us. RAW files are large and take forever to upload. With Smart Previews, it’s much faster to upload and download.

 Also, the edits I make will be saved right onto the previews! Easy peasy. You will get a full walk through link before sending over your first test edits.

Through your personal private Dropbox folder we will share files. With exporting as Smart Previews from Lightroom these files will not be as large as the typical RAW files you import. 

The full info will be given upon your test edits. Trust me! This is all so easy and becomes second nature after a couple of uploads. 


I'm a hybrid photographer and over the past decade have perfected the craft of matching my digital images to film. Of course there will be differences but the overall "tone" and colors of film can be duplicated in digital. Digital will never replace film but can be a great best friend to it. 

Most of my clients will wait for the film to arrive back from their lab and import that film INTO the folder of the RAW digital images. I use those film images to anchor to and match tones. 

If you can't wait on your film (I do suggest it) we can create a base edit that will blend great. Waiting on the film is the best case scenario as I can really match the look.


are you ready to take back your time?